Project 365 – Blush Rose

Today’s P365 image really should have been trashed right out of camera; it was really awful.  Feeling guilty for missing so many posts lately, I snapped a number of photos late last night using my flash in the hopes creating one image to post.  And as my heart really just wasn’t in it, they were all pretty much garbage.  But I decided to fool around with this image to see if I could turn it into something usable.  While it certainly won’t win any awards, I kind of like the final result especially considering the ugly duckling I started out with.

Blush Rose Abstract_web1

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Project 365 – Sulfur Shelf Fungus

A shot of what appears to be sulfur shelf mushrooms that my son and I discovered on our hike in TN this week.  Apparently it’s edible and tastes like chicken!  LOL!  I think I will pass on the taste test, but it sure was striking.


Project 365 – Tennessee Strumming

Hanging out with family in Gatlinburg while I was shooting my nephew’s senior pictures, my little one took the opportunity to check out his cousin’s super cool guitar.  Looks like a certain someone may have a guitar waiting for him under the Christmas tree this year.  :)

Tennessee Strumming

Project 365 – Superman

This image from a recent photo shoot with my son took 2nd place at my photography club competition last night.  It was all I could do to hold on to this image until after the competition.  Needless to say, I love it!

Cartoon Superman-Edit-2